Friday, July 11, 2014

                                                    Greek thoughts vs. Bibical thoughts 

The Greek account of creation begins with a golden age, somewhat similar to the Biblical account of the garden of Eden.  The similarity ends there.   The Greek version of the beginning says neither humans or the gods had to do any work.  The earth simply provided food in abundance. 

The Biblical account of creation couldn't be more different.  It shows God working the first six days.  The Hebrew word that describes what God was doing is the Hebrew word mikh.   It means ordinary human work.  God was working six days and resting one.  In Genesis, work was part of paradise. 

As you know, God gave Adam a job before He gave him a family.  God gave Adam a job before there was sin on the earth.  In Christianity, work did not come after some Golden Age.  Work was and is part of God's perfect design for us.  Literally, it was part of paradise!

Have your thoughts about work (particularily on Monday mornings) been more influenced by Greek Culture or Biblical Truth?