Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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  1. On April 3, a man from Portland, Maine, had a big surprise. Instead of the ATM machine giving him $140, it just kept going and gave him $37,000.

    In this case, a woman waiting in line called the police. They quickly arrived and forced the man to return all the cash. The machine had suffered a software error.

    There is a scriptural principle that gives insight into what a person would do. I'll share that later.
    Would like to hear from you. How tempted would you be to keep the money?

  2. Very tempting, but i always try too remember that money was not meant for me and hope that money went to somebody that really earned it in the eyes of our father. I believe god has a much better plan for me other than material things like money. My father gives me more in every day living than money. He gives me life today and there is no dollar amount on that.