Monday, August 5, 2013

A few mornings back, I opened our sliding glass door to let the cat out.  It was early morning, still rather dark.  I glanced down at the door something and saw something dark.  I wasn't totally awake or coherent, so I just kept opening the door.

All of a sudden the dark thing (otherwise known as a snake) began to crawl inside the house.  No way is a snake getting inside MY HOUSE!  I won't bore you with details as to how I got rid of the snake, but I did get rid of the snake.

After I regained my composer, I thought to myself, how often do we allow works of darkness to freely crawl into our homes and lives?  Selfishness, criticism, strife, and the like.  Spiritually those things are MORE harmful than if that snake would have made its way into our home.  With the Lord's help I'm not going to let those things into my house.

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